We are 2 night minimum

We are 2 night minimum

Why is it a 2 night minimum?? I do receive quite a few requests asking for 1 night only 😬 So let me explain. We have 3 young children who are 4 year old twins and big bro who is 6. The Fairy Glen is our wee family business so that I can essentially WFH 👩‍💻 🙈 and like any family it’s a juggling match and keeping all the plates spinning Being self employed and having a ‘wee’ business certainly keeps me on my toes plus teaching yoga during the week. When guests stay (never mind all the admin work – emails, texts, social media etc) we need to clean the accommodation obviously, laundry, patio/decking, hot tub after each use is emptied, cleaned, refilled and heated, windows need cleaned, clean/tidy around site, maintenance, etc etc for me to do this for 1 night stays is simply too much. We have kept the place small with 3 cabins and 2 apartments on purpose so that

1.we can manage as a family with young children and

2. So that people staying can enjoy peace, safety, privacy, contentment, and being in nature without too much hustle and bustle.

Unlike big sites or hotels with lots of rooms and lots of staff we are small and like it that way but hence the 2 night minimum 😬☺️ Thank you for reading – and please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all our daily adventures and developments. Best wishes x

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